Early music for viola da gamba, viols, keyboard, and voice in performance editions.


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Music for viola da gamba and viol consort transcribed from early vocal repertory. View a Complete Track List or listen to Sample Tracks. 18 tracks, total time: 62:21. Full color jacket with program notes and 4-page booklet insert with track notes. $15

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J. S. Bach - Chorale Preludes for Viol Consort

Seven beloved Chorale Preludes in settings for a consort of four viols (treble, tenor, bass, bass OR treble, tenor, tenor, bass). Includes O Sacred Head, Jesu Meine Freude, Puer Natus In Bethlehem, Vater Unser, Der Tag, Wir Danken, and Erscheinen. Score with preface, twenty-four pages; set of four performance parts, eight pages each; plus two performance parts with alternate clefs for flexible instrumentation, eight pages each. For upper intermediate players and above. RIP-15, $39

Create In Me - Consort Setting for Four Viols, by Daniel Rippe

A contemporary setting of the circa-1704 Psalm-texted hymn attributed to German theologian Johann Freylinghausen. In E-flat for four viols (treble-1, treble-2 or tenor, tenor or bass, and bass). Score, three pages; and performance parts with alternate clefs for the treble-2 and tenor parts, each two pages. For lower to intermediate players and above. RIP-14. $15

John Danyel - Grief Keep Within, for Voice, Lute, and Bass Viol

This is the first urtext modern edition of Danyel's three-movement song of lament to include the lute and viol parts (not transcribed for piano as in other older editions). For high or low voice (range: c4-f5 or c3-f4), seven-course lute in G, and bass viol. Three performance scores: voice (with preface and texts), eleven pages; lute score with vocal line, seven pages; bass viol score with vocal line and lute cues, seven pages. For intermediate musicians and above. RIP-13, $16

Christopher Simpson - Collected Divisions for Two Bass Viols

Never before published in a modern urtext edition with optional keyboard (organ) realizations. Includes the divisions in C Major, A Minor, and two sets in F Major. For two bass viols, basso continuo optional. Score with preface and realizations, twenty-five pages; two performance scores, eleven pages each; additional optional basso continuo score, eleven pages. For intermediate players and above. RIP-12, $34

Thomas Baltzar - Divisions for Bass Viol

Edited by Ann Marie Morgan and Daniel Rippe, this is the world premier urtext edition of Baltzar's only known works for bass viol. Beautiful and virtuosic Divisions in G major (the ground later used by Marin Marais). Rough, quirky Divisions in D minor. Score/b.c., preface, critical commentary, and essay "Upon Common Ground," twenty-three pages; plus two performance parts for bass viol, each four pages. For advanced players. RIP-7, $20

Christopher Simpson - Divisions in A Minor for Two Bass Viols

Includes an optional continuo keyboard realization. Urtext modern notation from the original manuscript, for two bass viols, basso continuo optional. Score with preface and keyboard (organ) realization, seven pages; two performance scores, each two pages; basso continuo score, two pages. For intermediate players and above. RIP-11, $12. This set of divisions is also in RIP-12, our collection of four sets of Simpson's divisions for two bass viols.

The Vocal Viol

Duos for bass viols from Baroque vocal repertory. Purcell's Music for a While, Weldon's Dry Those Eyes, Handel's Softly Sweet in Lydian Measures, Caccini's Odi, Euterpe, and Merula's Folle è Ben. Transcribed & arranged for two bass viols. Two performance scores: one with preface, text/translations, seventeen pages; second score thirteen pages. For intermediate players and above. RIP-10, $18

Vivaldi for Viol Consort!

Antonio Vivaldi's exuberant and lush Concerto for Strings & Cembalo, RV 109, arranged in B-flat for four viols (2 trebles, tenor, bass) and optional basso continuo. For intermediate players and above. Score with preface, twelve pages; four performance parts for the consort members, each four pages; two b.c. parts (one with original figures) each four pages. RIP-9, $16. Also available for two bass viols and keyboard (below).

Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto in C, arranged for Two Viols and Keyboard

Two exuberant allegros bookend the lush adagio in Antonio Vivaldi's Concerto for Strings & Cembalo, RV 109, transcribed for two viols (two basses or two tenors, or tenor + bass) and keyboard with optional basso continuo. For intermediate to advanced players. Keyboard score with preface, twelve pages; two performance parts for viols 1 & 2 together, each seven pages; b.c. part, four pages. RIP-8, $16

As She Sings - Viol Consort by John Anthony Lennon

2009 Leo M. Traynor Composition Contest winner. This is the original error-free 2006 debut edition of this award-winning "beautiful elegy" commissioned by the Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort, premiered on their 2006 US tour and in Tokyo during the 19th annual Exhibition of Contemporary Viol Consort Music in 2004. For four viols (two trebles + tenor + bass, or two trebles + two basses). Ours is the only edition which includes the composer's instructions for playing, definitions of articulation terms and symbols, and a history of the commission. Score with preface, eleven pages; four performance parts, each two pages. RIP-6. $15

Motet: O Magnum Mysterium / Hodie Christus Natus Est - Four-part vocal music by Mark Rippe

Sonorous contemporary setting of the ancient Latin texts in two movements, inspired by traditional Croatian vocal music. Close harmony, dissonance, and homophonic rhythms achieve an affect of mystery and wonder. Set of four 4-part a capella vocal performance scores (for low or high voices) with translation, each four pages; rehearsal keyboard part, four pages. Choral group discount for large orders. Also makes a beautiful four-part viol consort piece; specify clefs or instruments. Low voices: RIP-5L, High voices: RIP-5H, Consort: RIP-5C, $16

J. S. Bach - Chorale-based Works for Two Viols & Keyboard - Volume 1

In the spirit and tradition of Bach's own adaptations, five chorale-based works transcribed for two viols (bass+bass or tenor+bass) and keyboard (harpsichord/organ/fortepiano), edited by Daniel Rippe. For various levels of ability, rich musical language and counterpoint. Includes Wir danken dir, Herr Jesu Christ (BWV 623), Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele (BWV 654), Jesu, meine Freude (BWV 610), and BWVs 629, 737. Keyboard performance score with preface, twenty-four pages; two performance parts for Viol 1 and 2 together, each thirteen pages. RIP-3, $24

J. S. Bach - Chorale-based Works for Two Viols & Keyboard - Volume 2: Chromatics!

Five more chorale-based adaptations, and these are chromatic! For two viols (bass+bass or tenor+bass) and keyboard (harpsichord/organ/fortepiano), edited by Daniel Rippe. For various levels of ability, rich musical language and counterpoint. Includes Meine Seele erhebt den Herren (BWV 648), Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin (BWV 611), and BWVs 620, 622, 637. Keyboard performance score with preface, twenty-four pages; two performance parts for Viol 1 and 2 together, each twelve pages. RIP-4, $24

Louis Couperin - Music for Viols from the Bauyn Manuscript

Available for the first time outside editions of the entire (mostly keyboard) collection, viol music attributed to Louis Couperin from the c.1675 MS source in urtext modern notation, edited by Daniel Rippe. Includes Fantaisie pour les Violes. Eight pieces for either two viols (treble+bass or bass+bass), or one viol (treble or bass) and continuo; plus two pieces for three viols (treble + tenor + bass, or treble + bass + bass). For various levels of ability. Performance score with preface, twenty-three pages; plus an additional score, twenty pages. RIP-2, $22

Five Tune Settings for Solo Bass Viol (unaccompanied) by Daniel Rippe

Newly composed settings of the 18th-century Welsh lullaby Suo Gân ; Questa dolce sirena, by Giovanni Gastoldi (c.1554 - 1609); O Darkest Woe, 17th-century German tenebrae hymn; The Third Tune for Archbishop Parker's Psalter, Thomas Tallis (c.1505 - 1585), entirely plucked & strummed; and Farewell dear love - Robert Jones (fl.1597 - 1615), plucked & bowed. Performance score, preface, lyrics, and translation, sixteen pages. Original settings appropriate for beginning to lower intermediate players; new settings for intermediate players and above. RIP-1, $18

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J. S. Bach - Chorale-based Works transcribed for One Viol & Keyboard, Chaconne in D minor for Bass Viol. Vocal works by Charpentier, Cavalli and others.

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